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"The quality of the work you produced was outstanding. We found you to be enthusiastic, helpful and genuinely interested in doing a good job for your customers. I can and will recommend your services to both friends and family who may require the services of a good genealogist. Many thanks Jo" - Warren Thomson

"Congratulations, you've accomplished more in days than I've managed to do in years!" - Eve May, Ontario

"Thanks from the bottom of my heart for all the work and information you have sent me. You've helped me solve so many puzzles that I've wondered about. I’ve received all the documents and still can't believe that I have them thanks to you” - Mary Mitchell, Florida

"Thank you for your help in researching our family tree and solving a family puzzle with the little information we could provide. We were impressed by your personal service, regular contact and professional presentation of your findings" - Bruce Patterson, Victoria, Australia

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"We used Jo's services as part of a large project in Orkney which required 2000+ genealogies to be researched. Jo delivered her part of this complex project exactly as planned and must I think know more about Orkney genealogies than anyone else in the world by now!" - Dr. J Wilson, University of Edinburgh

"All the info you have sent me has been of great value - more than I ever thought possible!" - R McKay, Hampshire

"Rapid response and VERY informative" - Karen, Lincs

"Just a note to let you know my package arrived and it's everything and more than I had hoped for, the layout of the book is fantastic. All in all I'm very happy with the results you found and in a surprisingly short time I might add." - Tim Skene, Canada

"Just a quick note to say Mum was absolutely thrilled! She spent hours re-reading it and can't wait to show the rest of the family! You've done such a fantastic job and Jamie and I can't thank you enough!" - L Burns, London

"What a star you are and thank you for all your trouble" - Rae, Somerset

Genealogy reports, fully bound as books

"I can't believe you managed to collate so much information. I feel I've now got a genuine insight into my ancestors' lives, who, however humble, really mean something to me and deserve to be remembered. Thanks so much for such a thorough and efficient service, but mostly thank you for being so friendly and enthusiastic." - A Clarke, Worcs

"I was very excited this morning when I received all the data from you, I have spent the day reading over my history. You were fantastic and fast and I was very impressed with the detail on the narrative report. Thank you very much." - E Poulter, Ontario

"The report you sent us was incredibly thorough and far more detailed than we had expected. Jamie has absolutely LOVED his present and takes it to bed with him every night!" - R Dummer, Lancs

"Just to let you know that my both my parents were absolutely thrilled with the family tree report you researched and created. The amount of work put into this in such a small amount of time is nothing short of incredible." - G McKee, North Lanarkshire

"... but mostly thank you for being so friendly and enthusiastic"


"... nothing short of incredible"


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